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1st Freedom Bonds

1st Freedom Bonds Bail Bondsman in Dobson - Serving Surry,Yadkin&Stokes

How It Works- We have Bail Bondsman in Dobson, Danbury & Yadkinville

Who's Money do we use to post bond

We are agents of a Surety Insurance company. We use their money to post the bond. We write a POA Check to the jail to get  you or your loved one released.

What exactly is the bonding process

Since our clients do not have access to enough money to post the bond we will use the insurance companies money. The company will be loaning you the money. This loan cost anywhere from  8%- 15%. You will fill out some forms guaranteeing the defendant will appear in court. If the defendant appears to every court date the bond will be exonerated. If they do not you will be responsible for  all cost involved with the bond.

How much paper work is involved?


Not Much. Every Bail Bond is required to have a Indemnitor/ Cosigner.  They will have to complete a information sheet and an indemnitor agreement / contract guaranteeing the defendant will appear in court.  Defendants will complete a bond application. Payment plans require an Promissory note/ Memorandum  Agreement. We will help you and answer any questions you may have.

Who qualifies as an Indemnitor/ Cosinger?

Our Indemnitor/ Cosigner will need  to have these 3 qualities.

Employment- Communication- Transportaition.    Basically they need a North Carolina Drivers License , Two (2) years at a job and a working phone number that they readily answer.

Rest Easy ! We are on the Case!

We have the experience to make things happen in a timely manner.  Bail Bonds in Yadkinville has never been better, Bail Bondsman in Dobson  to help you get your loved out of jail. Fastest Bail Bondsman in Yadkinville!