Your Local Bail Bondsman in Durham, North Carolina

Your Local Bail Bondsman in Durham, North Carolina

The Durham County Detention Center is situated at 219 S. Mangum Street in Durham, North Carolina, straight across from the Durham Performing Arts Center. Entry to the facility is directly off the Durham Freeway via exit 12B, with the public entrance positioned close to the intersection of Mangum Street and Vivian Street. Parking for visitors is available in the parking deck of the Durham County Justice Center, which is connected to the newly built Durham County Courthouse at the crossroads of Roxboro Street and Dillard Street.

Durham County Jail was established in 1996 under theNew Generation Direct Supervision Jail concept. The 736 cells house arrestees awaiting trial and some NC Department of Corrections prisoners whose classification is determined by a behavior assessment. Inmate’s activities are controlled through direct, constant supervision and limited inmate movement made possible by the building design. As part of the new model, all services are delivered directly to the inmate, as opposed to transporting the inmate to the service to increase safety and reduce the need for staff.

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